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"Jamie Lu is a gifted intuitive healer utilizing a variety of methods, including touch, sound, and energy work to induce transformation and balance on every level of the mind, body and spirit. She is world-renowned for working with difficult illnesses and diseases, after healing herself from a heart condition and Hashimoto’s disease at age 24."

-- Ryan Mandell, Conscious Lifestyle Magazine


Rooting for your Rise

Jamie’s retreats are sacred containers providing pathways to liberation and awakening to our fullest creative potential. Our greatest transformation is accessed through the Self Healing Journey, igniting deep illumination within. For those of you seeking an immersive experience in the beauty of some of the worlds most sacred places, this is it!


Next Healing Retreat in Maui, Hawaii:
December 10 - 16, 2019 and December 22 - 28, 2019


Liberation Retreat in Mount Shasta, California:
July 22 - 28, 2020

Join us in Mount Shasta, for a remarkable 7 day retreat to empower Creator-ship, clarify your vision, and learn how to use effective self-healing skills. At the end of this retreat you will become certified as a practitioner in the Liberation Healing Method.


The Space for Healing and Renewal

Experience a holistic and deeply restoring retreat experience known for miraculous transformations, uncaging of the Soul, and connection with the sacredness of Life. Surrounded by the beauty of the natural world.

Jamie Lu is a gifted Intuitive Healer hailing from a long line of Filipino faith healers. Her training in Energy Medicine began as a young adult when she was diagnosed with chronic illness. She found herself over-achieving, over-stimulated, and surrounded by an environment that was not helping her body to heal. This caused her to travel the world, leaving her corporate American life to pursue a deeply Spiritual path. After much self investigation and receiving the training of Masterful teachers, she began to unlock her spiritual gifts, wisdoms, and the healing power behind her Voice to effect the greatest possible healing and activation. Through her practice, she has assisted countless other's in achieving healing results and inner freedom. She sees true healing as a deeply personal transformation into wholeness and holds the door open for others to gracefully find the light within.

This retreat experience is unparalleled for assisting you in discovering your true nature, rising into your power and attaining an awakening that free’s us from limitations. 

Possible Activities:

  • Workshops on the Spiritual Healing and Growth Process

  • Sacred Sound Healing Ceremonies and Light Language Activations at Sacred Sites

  • Art Making Days, Dancing, Embodiment Practices

  • Personal Awakening and deep Energy Healing sessions, activating your Divine Blueprint and Unique Soul Signature. This Accelerates your inner growth, activates your light body, removes toxic energies and incongruent beliefs, and prepares you for a purposeful and abundant life.

  • 12 Strand DNA Activation and Multi-Dimensional Clearings

  • Relationship Counseling for Awakening Couples

This will be a magical experience that will align you to the Light Path of Magical Flow.
If you have found this invitation, it is your time to shine!


Why Attend

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True healing has the ability to return us to our unbounded nature, all systems in optimal order, where one can experience a spaciousness of being and a mind free of stress and emotional imbalances. In this retreat we use sound healing to awaken profound realizations and are the perfect compliment to any mindful or yogic practice to facilitate transformation and deepen one’s awareness of their body.


  • Lighter and brighter, more connected to your authentic essence.

  • Clear, Grounded and Balanced.

  • More self appreciation and appreciation for others.

  • Physical issues resolving or changing.

  • Expansive and spacious. Confident and agile.

  • Ability to make aligned choices for yourself and your future.

  • Opening of new opportunities.

  • Enhanced creativity and intuition.


I’ve been to some retreats with Jamie Lu, and they’ve been ABSOLUTELY LIFE ALTERING & just so alivening, with NON-STOP MIRACLES occurring ever since my first one in October 2017!
— Avani Shah, San Francisco, CA

As an international speaker on matters of the Heart, Self-Discovery, Energy, and Love, I’ve seen and experienced many different modalities of healing, holding space, and transformational work.  I can say with a big smile of gratitude on my face that Jamie’s unique blend of sound therapy, channeled energy, and powerful presence is one of the most profound experiences I’ve had - and days later I’m still feeling the buzz from it all!  From vibrant visuals, tangible feeling of energy, and a deep sense of connecting threads internally I am throughly pleased and filled with clarity, power, and inspiration from Jamie’s work.
— Rodolfo Young, Bali, Indonesia

Jamie’s work is highly empowering. Rather than it being one discreet and transformative journey, it seems to offer people the gift of a more direct and intimate experience of themselves, from which real and lasting change can happen.
— Jillian Crocker, Berkeley, Ca

Jamie’s work showed me Who I am here to BE and What I am meant to DO. I was a shy-good-girl that didn’t feel safe to express myself or my wisdom to the world. I was in hiding. but of all of that came out on this retreat with Jamie Lu. she has a powerful presence and sisterly love that I found nourishing and highly empowering. She ignited my esteem, opened my voice and my vision. I am no longer in longing or searching for myself. I actually feel ready to live my dream and make an impact!
— Ashira Pierce, San Jose, Ca
True health is a higher functioning that comes from a deeply personal transformation into wholeness
— jamie lu

When One Shines, Many Shine With You

The humanitarian projects of the Love Rising Foundation, Jamie's flagship organization, is raising money towards providing a World Center for Global Peace and Healing.


Give Back,

Heal the World

Support the Global Movement for realizing Truth, Freedom and Unity for All.



Certified Facilitator

Mahatma Shamballa MDH (Multi-Dimensional Healing)
Quantum Reiki - Mikao Usui Lineage, Mastery Level
Access Consciousness™  Bars Facilitator
Access Consciousness™  Body Processes Facilitator
Access Consciousness™  Energetic Facelift Facilitator
Access Consciousness™  Talking to Entities Practitioner
ThetaHealing® Practitioner
Sound Healing Group Facilitator
Trapped Emotion and Trauma release - Facilitator