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Mount Shasta, California:
Crown Chakra of Gaia


Be embraced by the magical vibration of Mount Shasta, California known to Gaia’s Shamans as the Crown Chakra of Earth. At the top of Mount Shasta emanates the energies of the Eighth Chakra, which merges the Crown with the Root, the place where “Heaven meets Earth”. Many venture to Mt. Shasta to experience connection with the 5th Dimensional energies of Ancient Lumeria and the Inner Earth City of Light, Telos (part of the Agartha network). Mount Shasta is a energetic access point on the planet to “All That Is” and connection with your higher self. It is a place where you are bathed in knowingness and powerfully nurtured by divine support. The “I AM” presence.  It delivers the realization and frequency of oneness and your connection to everything.


Welcome to an unparalleled Experience of
Healing & Sacred Connection


Private Healing Retreats

On-Going 2019

Private Healing Retreats

A personal journey of deep healing and life transformation. Jamie Lu tailor makes each experience for your unique soul signature. We go deep, we flow, we experience an inner liberation within the sanctuary of Mount Shasta.


The Liberation Training Retreat

July 22, 2020

Our 7 day Training retreat

The Love Rising Academy: Liberation Training Retreat Join us in Mount Shasta, for a remarkable 7 day retreat to empower Creatorship, clarify your vision, and learn how to use effective self-healing skills and become certified in the healing work of instant transformation.



“I’ve been to some retreats with Jamie Lu, and they’ve been ABSOLUTELY LIFE ALTERING & just so alivening, with NON-STOP MIRACLES occurring ever since my first one in October 2017!”

— Avani Shah, San Francisco, Ca


“My heart is vibrating in graceful expansion. Being a part of the retreat was such a transformational and epic adventure that changed my life forever. Jaime and co-facilitators, work with the highest vibrational frequencies that taps you into your fullest potential, allowing you to embody authentic magic while being blessed by the awe-inspiring and sublime Mt. Shasta!”

— Fabiana B, Mexico

“What a life-changing, life-expanding, into the heart guiding retreat!

I went with the intention to learn more about relationships in the “new world“. I left the retreat with a healed female-male connection within my heart and loving myself more then ever. I am in peace. The magical sound healing with the crystal bowls and Jamie‘s voice opened the heart and healed the body. We had time to relax, to communicate, just to be in our space and to live sisterhood together. Jamie‘s open, heartfelt, wise, knowing, inspiring guidance was healing on all levels of being.

If I would get 10 times the money back by returning this experience, I wouldn’t! Thank you from my heart.”

— Gabriela, Switzerland


Don't resist change, instead flow and let it happen.

Now is the time for you to Shine.

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This Adventure of a Lifetime is for you if:

  • You are seeking new tools to help you stay present or skills to include in your counseling, coaching or therapy services.

  • You feel the inner longing to come home to what's authentically you, and greater then you.

  • You Desire connection with your Source, Soul Purpose, Passion, Inner Knowing, Creativity and Multi-Dimensionality.

  • You wish for greater cash flow, balance, grounding and the vibration of safety and comfort within yourself.

  • You relate to the qualities of empath, healer, spiritual, way shower, starseed, earth angel, sensitive, intuitive, awake or awakening.

  • You Desire deep Love and to attract Soul level relationships and opportunities.

  • You Desire to feel free and abundant in: Health, Wealth and Relationship.

  • It’s time for you to shift something in your life where you have had enough of experiencing suffering, lack and needless struggle. You're ready to change the pattern in a graceful, loving and efficient way.

  • You’ve entered a time of transition, spiritual awakening or enhanced creativity and seek divine guidance specific for you that can take you further.

  • You desire a caring community, wisdom and compassionate space to deeply feel, explore and awaken to your truth and your own unique spirituality.

  • You are ready to clear your energy and claim your light.

  • You are ready to receive in practices that will gracefully take you to your next level.

  • You’re ready to stop resisting change, and instead flow and let it happen for you!

  • You are or would like to influence and assist the world with Love!

Don’t Miss This!

To Learn More and Register for the Liberation Training Retreat in July 2020 or your very own private retreat in Mt. Shasta, please inquire with Jamie Lu below.