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Meditation & Manifestation Tool


5D Tech that dispels toxicity & Amplifies Positivity

In Meditation with the OmniCore!

In Meditation with the OmniCore!

8” OmniCore with Citrine crystal core

8” OmniCore with Citrine crystal core


OmniCore™ is new Healing Technology that was created from this question:
How can human beings thrive in the face of growing environmental toxicity and radiation?

The OmniCore is a sacred geometric healing tool that brings immediate balance to the body when you hold it, assists in manifestation and increases the flow of positive energy and possibilities into your life. Made from the combined the works of Dr. Langham and Dr. Walter Russell, the Copper Coil and Citrine crystal core, attenuates and harmonizes the bodies natural bio electric-magnetic flow. The feeling is instant. It is a genius combination of Crystal, Selfica, and Orgone Technology, resulting in a bio-energetic device that aligns the user to Natural Creation Law and Universal Flow.

Effect on harmful emf & wifi radiation frequencies (rf waves)

Copper is one of the most reliable metals when it comes to shielding the EMF radiation that comes from the electricity in our walls, our Wifi, our computers and the environment. This is primarily due to its ability to attenuate magnetic and electrical waves.

When OmniCore is grounded, our Rad Meter testing shows that it absorbs harmful millimetre 5G waves, transfiguring them into a bio-based electro magnetic frequency that stimulates a healing response in the body. It responds like a personal filter, neutralizing and transforming the unseen radiation that bombard us on a daily basis into a wave pattern that the body finds stabilizing.

How To Ground Your OmniCore
There are two ways to Ground your OmniCore.

1. While Holding it. Your body grounds the device, thus reconfiguring your wave pattern into a stabilizing one.

2. Use a grounding cable with an alligator clip: we recommend this one, because it passes our RAD Meter testing.

Attach the alligator clip to the OmniCore and plug the cord into your wall socket. When plugged in, OmniCore will reduce harmful EMF coming from your routers, cell phones and computers to near zero levels without compromising the signal strength. Enjoy your internet speeds without the dangers!

5” MiniCore Copper Citrine

5” MiniCore Copper Citrine

5'“ MniCore Copper Citrine

5'“ MniCore Copper Citrine


A 10” OmniCore with Golden Calcite crystal

A 10” OmniCore with Golden Calcite crystal

Different sizes

10” OmniCore™ will protect and filter a range of 2400 ft. We like to keep one on the bed side table. Our garden also features a 10” OmniCore, helping our plants grow strong! OmniCore effects all organic elements, including your body, people around you, plants and pets.

8” OmniCore will protect and filter a range of 2200 ft. We love to meditate with it!

5” MiniCore™ is perfect for Travel and will protect and filter a range of 1200 ft. We take our travel sized OmniCore everywhere we go, on the plane, in the car and place it in our laps when we are in front of our computers.


the Back bone

OmniCore’s design is based on the expanded findings of Dr. Walter Russell and Dr. Langham. Friends of exiled scientist Tesla, these out of box thinkers were leading the liberating research in wave field dynamics, free energy, and all sorts of exciting tech that would solve many of the world’s greatest problems but were never publicly accepted. Dr. Russell invented the Russell coil, and Dr. Langham invented the Genesa crystal. Both of these systems are integrated within the OmniCore. Read More About the Design →


Future Tech that is here NOW.

A 9” OmniCore, Gold and Silver with Citrine crystal

A 9” OmniCore, Gold and Silver with Citrine crystal

The effect OmniCore has on our health

The OmniCore™ is a Filter and Transformer of the waves in our environment and the waves within our bodies. It is OmniCore’s copper coil that attunes the holder to the Earth’s resonant frequency, carrying a natural bio current which the Genesa Crystal then grounds and amplifies.

How to use:

Make sure you are well hydrated. Water allows our body to become highly conductive to energy. Hold the OmniCore between your palms, with the spiral ends touching each palm. Close your eyes, take a few deep breathes, let yourself drift and feel the effects.

Holding the OmniCore™ provides optimization to our nervous system that is immediate. Many have experienced the OmniCore as a Sleep Aid, Pain & Stress Reliever, or Energy Booster, giving the user what is needed to bring the being into balance, in that moment. A natural harmonizer, it works immediately to bring you into balance by simply holding it.

How to Order

Seth Adam and Jamie Lu, Co-Creators of OmniCore Healing Technology

Seth Adam and Jamie Lu, Co-Creators of OmniCore Healing Technology

Thank you for your interest in OmniCore™ Healing Technology.

The OmniCore is a sacred geometric structure. This is an elemental geometry reflecting the ancient wisdom of unity and the modern understanding of interconnectedness.

Used around the world, OmniCore is pleasing and a powerful tool for personal and planetary healing. OmniCore is a powerful energetic amplifier for those who carry peaceful, sincere and generous intentions in their hearts and want to contribute to the world becoming a better place for all -- The grid is being connected!!

Insured Shipping via expedited or standard mail is provided. We can ship to any country and we make custom orders on request.

Please feel free to email with any questions you may have. We will be happy to talk with you! 

- Seth Adam and Jamie Lu


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