The World Needs More of This

"I have had three sessions with Jamie Lu, and plan to have her work be a part of my life for some time to come. This combination of energy work with angelic sound healing sends my soul home. Rejuvenates my being and allows my body to fall into a deep rest. Words cannot describe the complete peace and harmony I experience when Jamie Lu starts the session and I drift off into another dimension where Jamie guides my soul out of mazes that trapped my spirit, guides me back to the light realm that she resides in, and raises my frequency to it's highest potential.  I think every soul deserves the right to have this experience. Especially for someone who walks and works amongst the inner densities of the world and humanity, these energy sound healing sessions wash away what is not yours and bring you back to the heart of who you are. Rejuvenated and ready to shine on. I would say this is next level energy work for anyone who is activated and feels the call to fully have an energetic cleanse and elevate.  However this form of healing is for everyone, the world needs more of this music and energetic intention. I am recommending all of my friends and family to have a session with Jamie Lu."  

- Nick Wallaki, Ubud Bali

Jamie Lu