“Jamie Lu, your healing work is very powerful, and yet, gentle as you opened to love's gift and I could feel it moving through my body bringing love to places that have never known love. I laughed, undulated, vibrated, and jiggled with pure joy during our sessions. I love your humility as a humble empty vessel and a true servant of God's grace. Thank you for the gift you bring”

- Ken Peace Carroll, Ubud Bali

"Wow! I just had another amazing session with Jamie Lu that is truly difficult to put into words. It was profound presence and trust moving effortlessly through my cellular body and charging my energy fields. I undulated, went through visible oceanic waves of adjustment, and felt a holy buzz throughout my being. Then she blessed me with her beautiful angelic voice as she toned. At one point there were clearly 2 voices as the room filled with holy presence showering me with palpable love. What I really love about Jamie is her child like playful innocence that allows love to do the healing. Thank you, dear heart, for letting love flow without limitation. I feel so full and satisfied <3"

- Ken Peace Carroll, Ubud Bali

Jamie Lu