Treating Nervous Habits

"Dear Jamie, I had two session with you two weeks ago. I had the broken elbow and I told you about the bad habit I am doing to my Thumbs / Fingers when I am stressed or emotional. My intention was to let that go!  So after the session the first days it got worse with my fingers and I was really emotional with no reason. But after that I stopped thinking of it and I felt inner contentment and peace and was relaxed. Now 2 weeks later I realized that my Fingers are looking as good as on our wedding day which was the only time since I was a little kid where they actually looked good and I did not put any effort in it which is amazing! For the wedding I was actually tapping my Thumbs with Bandaid to have them nice in those days. I hope I could explain how amazing this really is for me. So thank you Jamie for all the Love you put "in" me! I still feel it and I have a big smile when I think about you. Big hug."

- Ira, Germany

Jamie Lu