Speaking the Truth

"Jamie Lu is the real deal! I am so grateful we crossed paths in Bali 3 years ago. She did at least 10 hours of energy work on me by then. Jamie sees my Soul's journey more clearly than someone ever did so far. I feel empowered to know where I came from and how some of those experiences were still blocking me in the present, so I can make the best choices. I remember Jamie channeling my higher self and the answers she verbalised were - I could say now...years later - very very spot on!

She was the one starting my awakening process in the most gentle way possible. Being the highly sensitive canary in a coal mine Jamie and her gentle approach were all I could wish for. She cleared limiting beliefs and contracts across all time and space and helped me understand things I wasn’t open to before. Her sound healing and magical spoken language is more than magical and has amazing healing powers!

I still call her from the other side of the world whenever I need guidance on a certain topic, when I don’t see clearly myself or have some minor health issues. Jamie has surprised me several times by taking away the problem over distance. And also by empowering me about the real problem, which is always something other then what I was initially thinking.

I don’t know any Healer with as much integrity as Jamie. In a ‘spiritual world’ where I have seen and felt a lot of delusion she is the one to trust.

I had a breakthrough session yesterday and guess what...I just woke up and I don't feel the slimy thing in my throat anymore that I was experiencing before our call! " 

- Aniek Wesselink, Netherlands.

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