Exhausted Mom and Empath

"Hi Jamie. Since our session I feel more grounded and detached from a lot of things and even with my boyfriend. A lot of things came out of me and I started speaking truth of what I wanted with my boyfriend and others.  I feel more grounded and centered. The message to me was to not absorb peoples energy and it's ok to care but not take anyone problems in not even my kids.  All I can do is guide them.  I feel a lot more comfortable with myself and taking care of my energy field.  I felt calm after the session. A lot of my old things came up as well, how I felt when I was a kid but I stayed calm and let it pass me.  Old wounding came up as well but I stayed calm and let it pass me... I just want to thank you for everything you've done, helping me, guiding me and calling my angels and Goddess in. It was a wonderful experience. Very powerful.  You are a very beautiful person in and out.  I felt a lot of loving energy through you."

- Narin. K, San Diego California

Jamie LuComment