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The Future is in Healing

evolution skills for humanity



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The world is changing and calling to follow our Heart. It’s time for less blame and more personal responsibility. Unity is the only thing that makes things work. It’s time to live freely and put compassion first. There is an end to war, violence and suffering yet there is no limit to the goodness humanity can create for one another. We are the Way.

Learn the necessary skills for living free in the 21st century


“This Retreat changed my Life forever”

“I was able to process past traumas and release them as well as learn how to do that for other people. I was able to fully kick a long opiate habit and face the real me for the first time since I was a child. I now have enough healing and knowledge to fully step into my path as a healer. I will be forever grateful to Jamie and the time spent at Mt. Shasta, and will do it over and over. See you there, much Love!”

— Brian Blankenship


Learn Instant Healing

Love Rising Academy trains everyone in the art of Instant Healing, Inner Growth and Liberation from pain and suffering. The journey is just beginning. Dissolve the greatest blocks limiting humanity today. Move from lack and fear to abundant, connected and happy.


Change starts from within, then works it’s way out.


Love is the Highest Power for Change.

Love Rising provides a compassionate space to deliver your self and all those who are open to receive the love that is in all things, the love that is in each one, in all beings of the Universe. We have made this intention to bring ourselves into a state of giving the finest gift we can give, liberation of consciousness in all beings.